Golden Temple in Amritsar

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This article is all about Golden Temple in Amritsar, attractions in and around the Golden Temple,history of Golden temple, festivals in Golden Temple, accommodation near Golden Temple, hotels near Golden Temple, cheap flights to Golden Temple and many more.

Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) Amritsar Punjab

Golden Temple Amritsar Punjab is a prime attraction to be seen in Punjab. The temple belongs to the Sikhs and is located at Amritsar which is also known as the city of the ‘Sikh Guru’. Golden temple is also known as Harmandir Sahib Amritsar Punjab which literally means the ‘Adobe of God’. The temple is one of the strongest sign of Sikhism and is also one of the oldest Sikh Gurudwara, which means the ‘place of worship’. The holy book of the Sikhs known as Guru Grantha Sahib was installed here. The temple is entirely built based on Sikh architecture. The client responsible for this great temple was chief architect Guru Arjun Dev. The work of this temple was started in December 1585 AD and was completed in August 1604 AD. Since from the completed years, and till now, the golden temple is one of the most famous gurudwaras of punjab.

Nearest Airport to Golden Temple: Amritsar International Airport

History of Golden Temple

The establishment of Golden Temple in Amritsar has a great historical background. The place where the temple is now residing was a combination of a forest and a lake and was under the hands of Mughals. During the reign of the great King Akbar, he gave that place as a marriage presentation to Guru Ram Das fourth Sikh Guru. It was Guru Ram Das who rebuilt the place and developed a small township. Then comes the period of Guru Arjun Dev fifth of Ten Gurus of Sikhism and initiated the construction in 1588. The work was completed in 1604 and the Guru Grantha Sahib was placed inside the temple.

Attractions Around Golden Temple

The temple is very well known for its splendid architecture and monument sculptures. The most striking feature is that the construction pattern reveals the harmony of Hindus and Muslims. The style of architecture is an intermix of both Hindu and Muslim construction styles. The temple is known for its door frames. The doors are decorated with full of artistic style. It opens on to the bridge like structure which leads the way to the main building of the Golden Temple. The temple was known as Golden Temple due to its gold plating done on it by the ruler Ranjith Singh. The temple is also a treasure which contains some rare marbles and stones.

The Amrit Sarovar lake situated around the temple is another tourist attraction. It is believed that the water of the Sarovar lake is ‘amruth’ which means a drink which makes us immortal. The temple is situated on the banks of this lake and its presence magnifies the beauty of the temple. Every time, the lake is crowded with devotees who are dedicated with some holy practices.

At the time of festivals in Amritsar, the Temple will be in full celebration. Sikh festival of Vaisakhi is one of the main festivals here which was celebrated during the month of April. People from different parts of India are visiting the temple during this time. Diwali Festival of Lights was another noticeable festival. During the nights of Diwali, the temple is fully decorated with lights and will be wonderful seen to watch.

The vicinities of the temple is also a film shooting destinations. Many films of Bollywood are shoot from here. The temple was on of the locations for the famous movie ‘Gandhi’, which was released in 1982. Many Hindi serials and documentaries are also shot from here. Recently, the temple was main theme in the film named 'Rang De Basanthi'acted by Amir Khan.

Hotels Near Golden Temple in Amritsar

Many hotels are available in Amritsar for accommodation. These are provided with all facilities for the tourists. Some of the main hotels are the following
1. Ritz Plaza Hotel
2. Hotel Shiraz Regency
3. Mohan International Hotel
4. Hotel Grand Legacy
5. Hotel Indus

Cheap Flights to Amritsar

1. Kingfisher Flights
2. Jet Airways Flights
3. Air India Flights
4. Indian Airlines Flights
5. Qatar Airway Flights
6. Mahan Air Flights
7. Uzbekisthan Airways Flights

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