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    Happy to be in Punjab

    Hello Friends,
    I am Anindya (Andy) from far East of Punjab that is Wet-Bengal. I am attached with an Old Age home & ISC from last 4-months & BengalSpider (Editor) for last 1-month.
    The beleive and Trust towards ISC, forced me to Register in this regional (Sister) site of ISC. I will contribute here as much as I can.
    My request to Seniors to let me know who are the Webmasters & Editors out here.
    Thanks to all of them who visited my Thread and wish me Good Luck for Future..
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    This article is about the social caste. For the moth family, see Brahmaeidae. For similarly spelled words, see Brahman (disambiguation).
    File:Erkkara Nambudiri.JPG
    Erkkara Raman Nambudiri, a famous Srautin Brahmin from Kerala

    Brahmin (Brāhmaṇa, ब्राह्मण) is the class of educators, law makers, scholars and preachers of Dharma in Hinduism[1][2][3][4]. It is said to occupy the highest position among the four varnas of India.

    The English word brahmin is an anglicised form of the Sanskrit word Brāhmana; (Brahman also refers to the supreme self in Hinduism). Brahmins are also called Vipra "inspired",[5] or Dvija "twice-born".[6] brahmins is also who perfoms vedic rituals[citation needed]. It is a misconception that brahmins are only priests. Only a subsect of brahmins were involved in the priestly duties. They also took up various other professions since late vedic ages like doctors, warriors, writers, poets, land owners, ministers, etc. Some parts of India were also ruled by Brahmin Kings.

    From Vedic times on, the Kings acted in close relationship with Brahmins (brahmakṣatra) and relied on them as their advisors, the Brahmins had become a powerful and influential group in India, and were known for discriminating against 'lower' castes.[7][8] In modern India, the Brahmins have experienced reverse discrimination.[9][10]

    My self kamal deep..

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