Punjab food lovers

Makki di roti is a Corn Bread. Panjabi's are famous for " makki di roti " throughout the world . Whenever one talk about panjab and panjabi's food . They recognize panjabis with "Makki di roti and Sarso da saag". Makki di roti in panjab is always served with "Sarso da saag" and "LASSI". Ingredients: Corn Flour - 2 Cups Grated Raddish - 2 Oil/Ghee - 1/4 Cup Warm Water to knead Salt - As per taste How to Prepare: 1:- Mix some warm water with corn flour and while mixing add the salt as per your taste. 2:- Make small ball of approx. 2inches of the mixed flour. 3:- Take individual ball and press it to make a flour discs. 4:- Warm the burner and let the pan/Tawa get heated, once heated put some oil/Ghee on it. 5:- Place the Flour disc on the Tawa and let it cook on low heat. 6:- While heating keep turning the flour discs on both sides and also keep applying some ghee while roasting so that the flour does not gets stick to the utensils. 8:- Once both sides of the flour discs are cooked well, you have Makki Di Roti ready to taste. Serve Makki di roti with Sarso da saag (Mustard leaves).