Self introduction

Going from a structured work schedule into retirement is a big adjustment.
Our days go from being goal-oriented and disciplined to being open and
relaxed. Sounds great? Yes, it is, but here are some ways to adjust to the
changes. Accordingly, with the ample time at my disposal, I have ventured
into creating blog entitled

When I first started this adventure, I thought it would be a fun idea and
an interesting experience to create a blog. It never occurred to me that I
would be doing a blog and having so many of my friends tuning in to see
the content unfold. Thank you for your support and good wishes.

I look forward to seeing how things turn out. It should be a wild ride. I
can't wait to hear from you all. Whatever your opinion, my endeavor will
be fulfilled if you like the blog and share with others too. My happiness
will double if you share your comments in the comments box.

I am presently in the USA having worked as a Banker for over 4 decades My contribution to this forum is to impart knowledge in English, posting resourcs, answering questions of youngsters, who have a bright future and sharing my experience with others, getting updated my knowledge from youngsters. I trust and hope that age is no bar for learning new things

Presently enjoying holidays with my grandson in Sanfrancisco and utilising the spare time in a fruitful way,learning new things about computer.

I would definitely appreciate feedback from the learned members of the Forum