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Mathematics is an essential subject in all competitive exams and here you can practise lots of Maths model question papers and mathematics sample MCQ questions. Practise Punjab engineering tests maths sample papers, PTU CET maths MCQ etc and will surely do well in those examinations.

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Divide Rs.600 among A:B:C in the ratio 3:5:7, then B's share is?Mathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
In a class, ratio between girls and boys is 1:4. If the number of boys is 44, what is the total strength of the class.Mathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
If 6 girls complete a work in 15 days then 9 girls will complete the work in?Mathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
If A:B=4:3, B:C=5:2 then A:B:C isMathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
What is the ratio between the ages of Suresh and Ramesh if their ages are 18 years and 24 years respectively.Mathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
The ratio of x to y is 1/2. If the ratio of x+2 to y+1 is 2/3, then what is the value of x?Mathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
The ages of A and B are in the ratio 6:5 and the sum of their ages is 44 years. What will be the ratio of their ages after 8 years?Mathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
A person borrowed Rs.2500 from two money lenders. For one loan he paid 8% per annum simple interest and for the other he paid 6% per annum simple interest. If he paid Rs. 180 as total interest for one year, how much did he borrow at 8%?Mathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
A father is now thirty times older than his son. However, 18 years later, he will be only thrice as old as the son. What is the father's present age?Mathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
A boy is asked to write a natural number not exceeding 30. What is the probability that he writes a prime number?Mathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
A boat moves downstream at the rate of 8 kmph and upstream at the rate of 5 kmph. The speed of the boat in still water isMathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
The original price of a washing machine is Rs.6000/-. If the price is discounted at 20% and then raised to 10% for service contract, then the price charged isMathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
The average weight of a group of 25 boys was calculated to be 30 kg. It was later discovered that one weight was misread as 25kg instead of 35kg. Then the correct average isMathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths

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