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Are you preparing for Punjab competitive exams but struggling to find suitable question banks for preparation? There must be many online question banks for your Punjab entrance exams but most of them fail to ensure quality. With a diverse array of subject categories, PunjabSpider.com provides you authentic questions cumulated from actual PPSC PCS model questions. In our Punjab competitive exams mock tests section you can take up free mock tests for all the competitive exams and entrance tests conducted in Punjab. We offer

  • Punjab Civil Services Preliminary Examination (PCS Prelims)
  • PTU CET Exam (Punjab Technical University Combined Entrance Test)
  • Punjab Medical Entrance Test (Punjab PMT or PMET)
  • Punjab University Entrance Exam (PU Medical Admission Test)

  • Cracking any competitive exam is all about practice. For example if you are looking forward to know how to crack PCS exams, you need to practise PCS exam model question papers very hard for a long time. Here we have given lots of PCS model question bank as well as PPSC exam model MCQ question papers. If you daily spend some time to practise these questions time and again, success will soon be at your threshold!

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    Mullaperiyar dam issue is related to which two states?General Knowledge - Current Affairs GKCurrent Affairs
    Battle of Chapad Chidi was fought between Banda Bahadur and Sher Mohmad Khan in?Punjab Civil Services (PCS) general objective paperPCS exam general paper
    Which Area is known as Cancer Belt of Punjab?Punjab Civil Services (PCS) general objective paperPCS exam general paper
    Pakistan on Novemeber 2, 2011 granted MFN status to India. In which year did India grant MFN status to Pakistan?General Knowledge - Current Affairs GKCurrent Affairs
    The idea of Lokpal is taken from.General Knowledge - Current Affairs GKCurrent Affairs
    A method of checking the accuracy of binary data after any data transfer operation isComputer ScienceComputer science
    The process of communicating with a file from a terminal isComputer ScienceComputer science
    A device attached to a terminal which accepts the handset of a standard telephone isComputer ScienceComputer science
    The technique whereby a computer or other control unit 'asks' terminals if they have data to transmit isComputer ScienceComputer science
    The average time necessary for the correct sector of a disk to arrive at the read write head isComputer ScienceComputer science
    A thin disk of semiconductor material in which many devices are fabricated at the same time isComputer ScienceComputer science
    The electronic circuitry in a computer that carries out arithmetic and logical operations isComputer ScienceComputer science
    Technique allow one computer to run programs written for another of different design isComputer ScienceComputer science
    The first mechanical calculating machine was made byComputer ScienceComputer science
    A computer assisted method for the recording and analysing of existing or hypothetical systems is?Computer ScienceComputer science
    A method of program design that uses English-like phrase to describe an outline of the program isComputer ScienceComputer science
    Multiple choice examination answer sheets are evaluated by __________ reader.Computer ScienceComputer science
    A group of terminals that operate together isComputer ScienceComputer science
    A miniature version of the aircraft control stick which can generate electrical signals isComputer ScienceComputer science
    Any device that performs signal conversion isComputer ScienceComputer science
    The metal disks which are permanently housed in sealed and contamination free containers are called?Computer ScienceComputer science
    Radcliffe Line between India and Pakistan was decided by the Border Commissions on Punjab Civil Services (PCS) general objective paperPCS exam general paper
    The sum of the magnitude of two forces is 18N and their resultant is perpendicular to the smaller force. In that case the magnitude of the forces will bePhysics (Medical and Engineering Admission Tests)Physics
    The first Sikh war brought to an end by the treaty ofGeneral Knowledge - Current Affairs GKCurrent Affairs
    Divide Rs.600 among A:B:C in the ratio 3:5:7, then B's share is?Mathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
    In a class, ratio between girls and boys is 1:4. If the number of boys is 44, what is the total strength of the class.Mathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
    If 6 girls complete a work in 15 days then 9 girls will complete the work in?Mathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
    If A:B=4:3, B:C=5:2 then A:B:C isMathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
    What is the ratio between the ages of Suresh and Ramesh if their ages are 18 years and 24 years respectively.Mathematics (engineering / job admission tests)Maths
    Raseedi Tikkat, or Black Rose and Revenue Stamp, is the autobiography ofPunjab Civil Services (PCS) general objective paperPCS exam general paper
    Who was the founder of famous Punjab Kesari newspaper?General Knowledge - Aptitude TestAptitude Test
    Where is famous Devi Talab Temple situated?General Knowledge - Aptitude TestAptitude Test
    Identify the degree and choose the correct answer for the following sentence. No other vegetable is so bitter as bitter gourd.English Aptitude TestGeneral English
    Select the correct voice form of the verb: The film actor _______ by the youths.English Aptitude TestGeneral English
    Find out the Analogy for Zoology:Animals::Mycology:?General Knowledge - Aptitude TestAptitude Test
    Which metal does not form amalgam?Chemistry (Medical and Engineering Admission Tests)Chemistry
    Freezing mixture may contain ice and Chemistry (Medical and Engineering Admission Tests)Chemistry
    Rolled gold is an alloy ofChemistry (Medical and Engineering Admission Tests)Chemistry
    What are paraffins?Chemistry (Medical and Engineering Admission Tests)Chemistry
    Which substance is obtained by the hydrolysis of oil?Chemistry (Medical and Engineering Admission Tests)Chemistry
    Which is not an isotope of hydrogen?Chemistry (Medical and Engineering Admission Tests)Chemistry
    What is the chemical name of Marble?Chemistry (Medical and Engineering Admission Tests)Chemistry
    The organic compound used for silvering mirrors isChemistry (Medical and Engineering Admission Tests)Chemistry
    The foul smell of rancid butter is due toChemistry (Medical and Engineering Admission Tests)Chemistry
    Which one of the following is a bimolecule?Chemistry (Medical and Engineering Admission Tests)Chemistry
    Number of amino acids that can be synthesized by the human body isChemistry (Medical and Engineering Admission Tests)Chemistry
    Rainwater helps to increase the ______ of the soil.Chemistry (Medical and Engineering Admission Tests)Chemistry
    The place where Winter Olympics was held during February, 2010 isGeneral Knowledge - Current Affairs GKCurrent Affairs
    Abhinav Bindra, a gold medal winner in 2008 Beijing Olympics is associated withGeneral Knowledge - Current Affairs GKCurrent Affairs
    The South American country that suffered due to earthquake in 2010 wasGeneral Knowledge - Current Affairs GKCurrent Affairs

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