Guru Angad Dev Biography and Gospels

Guru Angad Dev was the second Sikh Guru that followed up with Guru Nanak Dev. Read Guru Angad Dev Wiki, Guru Angad's complete biography, life, works and messages here.

Guru Angad Dev, Second Guru of the Sikhs

Guru Angad Dev [Gurumukhi: ਗੁਰੂ ਅੰਗਦ ਦੇਵ] (31st March, 1504 – 28th March, 1552), was the second of the Sikh Guru followed up with the founder Guru Nanak Dev. Guru Angad Dev was born in a small village of Sarae Naga along the Muktsar district of Punjab. In his childhood days, Guru Angad Dev was known as Lehna, the lucky charm of Sikh Gurus according to mythology. The birthplace of Guru Angad Dev is nowadays regarded as a mythology place for all the Sikh followers. It is being knows as Guru Angad Dev date of birth is still under a factor of illusion. The father of Guru Angad Dev was Pheru, who was famous for trading principles in Punjab state. Under his father's guidance, he preached the principle of Sikhism with great eternal respect. The mother of Guru Angad was Mata Ramo, and was guided with good trading policies along with her husband. Guru Angad grandfather was Baba Narayan Das Tehran, who had a big house near the same district along his ancestral origin. Soon he was guided under the Sikh principles of Guru Nanak Dev and chose out to be the second successor of Sikhism. Guru angad devGuru Angad Dev Early Life soon was married to Mata Khivi on January, 1520. They lived along the outskirts of Punjab district, however that never demoralized down the spirit of Guru Angad to leave the policies of Nanak Dev, and continued to give a great continuation to the policies and principles of Sikhism. However they were under a bit of threat in beginning upfront with the rule of Babur, the famous Mughal ruler, but Guru Angad Dev never gave up the policies and determination to bring upon the blessing of his successor to continue with Sikhism rule.

Early life Phase of Guru Angad Dev

Guru Angad Dev Life History reveals that he followed upon a policy of spiritual process. He used to get admired by the devotion and practises of Sikhism followed upon through Guru Nanak Dev. Well everything was great, until once he claimed out to put a great life work to bring upon the spiritual policy of Sikhism within the mode of punctuality. A biography of Guru Angad Dev unfolds the mystery when he was earlier aged upon a tough struggle towards paving his life tour. He believed in Sikhism right from its foundation, but his parents were really against the policy of such rights. Later he decided to move on with Guru Nanakji to remote the heart of Sikhism within his mind and soul. Guru Angad was a great disciple of Guru Nanak Dev. Since then, Guru Nanak followed upon this little childhood with immense enthusiasm right from his childhood days with Nanakji. Guru Angad Wiki Biography actual immense love and humour for spiritual aspect of learning came upon the mode right from the early days of his life. He followed up with all the learnings and principle policies of Guru Nanak Dev. Well Guru Angad Dev unfolded a new era along with Nanakji into the world of Sikhism.

Gurumukhi Script of Guru Angad Dev

The famous evolution of Gurumukhi script came first upon the row in terms of devotional leadership of Guru Angad Dev. Guru Angad Dev Wiki says that it was long before until he was pretty small, when he first thought about bringing upon the art of writing skills so that every Sikh could unfold the meaning and language which was growing within the period of time. Angad Dev started to preach childrens upon his arms to devote and inculcate the meaning of Sikhism. The language and script became very popular and was started to be used by many people in communication under the Mughal period of time. Guru Angad Dev life was totally a miserable but very learning campaigning one as everybody revealed as so during those days. It was a total devotion and service under the shelter of Guru Nanak Dev that took him under the pledge of developing a total new concept of language known to be the Gurumukhi script during the olden days.

Teachings and Gospels of Guru Angad Dev

Guru Angad Dev profoundly followed upon the teachings and practises that brought about a great evolution of bringing Sikhism from the period it started off. Guru Angad Dev Teachings Well he started to take up small communities to enhance the learning and spiritual guide to people across the zone. The real struggle that he had to face off was after the pass away of Guru Nanak Dev. He preached and started to open many schools and even Universities relating to this concept. Unusually he had a great time with little kids being made to learn the Sikhism under his beautiful and potent learning campaign. The Life History of Guru Angad Dev disclosed the tremendous contribution and devotion that he utters the way just as Nanakji did to bring upon the revival of Sikhism in this world. Guru Nanak believed that Angad was the only one that he could have given the stick to step upon the bringing of Sikhism in the world era. The devotional and practise and great views of life as a Sikh journey make a beautiful commandment over the other followers that were to come upon!

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