Biography and Teachings of Guru Angad Dev

In this article, you will come to about the biography of Guru Angad Dev (second Sikh Guru)and his works for community welfare. Also, you will come to know that How Guru Angad became successor and disciple of Guru Nanak Dev and about the successor of Guru Angad Dev.

Guru Angad Dev, Second Founder Guru of the Sikhs

Guru Angad Dev
Guru Angad Dev, second Sikh Guru among ten Sikh Gurus, was born on 31 March, 1504 in the village of Sarae Naga (Muktsar district, Punjab). He was born in a Hindu family with his earlier name as Lehna. Pheru was the father of Guru Angad and Mata Ramo was the mother of Guru Angad. They all lived in the ancestral house of grandfather of Guru Angad which was in Matte-di-Sarai (near Mukatsar). He was marred in 1520 with Mata Khivi who gave birth to four children of Guru Angad, two sons and two daughters. The sons of Guru Angad were named Dasu and Datu and daughters of Guru Angad were named as Amro and Anokhi. Guru Angad and his family had to leave their ancestral house due to fear of attack of Babar's army and they settled in the village of Khadur Sahib (presently known as Tarn Taaran near River Beas and 25 kms. away from Amritsar city).

How Guru Angad became successor and disciple of Guru Nanak Dev?

Once Bhai Lehna heard about Guru Nanak Dev from Bhai Jodha (a successor of Guru Nanak Dev) and felt very impressive from his words. Bhai Lehna decided to meet Guru Nanak Dev and so he went Kartarpur,place of Guru Nanak Dev. The first meet with Guru Nanak Dev changed him completely. He became Sikh of Guru Nanak Sahib and started living in Kartarpur. Considering the great devotion of Bhai Lehna, Guru Nanak Dev chose Lehna as his successor in 1508, instead of choosing a successor among his sons. Guru Nanak Dev assigned the name 'Angad' to Lehna and thus Guru Angad became the second Guru of Sikhism.

Works for community welfare by Guru Angad

• Guru Angad modified the characters of old Punjabi script and introduced a new script known as Gurmukhi script. This script got popularity among people soon.
• He took great interest for education of children for which he established many schools and literature centers.
• He initiated the tradition of Mall Akhaada for the youth where physical and spiritual exercise were took place.
• He took information about the life facts of Guru Nanak Dev from Bhai Bala and wrote first biography of Guru Nanak Dev.
• He created 63 stanzas (shalok) which are scripted in Guru Granth Sahib.
• He also strengthen and made effective the practice of Guru ka Langar which was initiated by Guru Nanak Dev.
• Guru Angad visited all the important places and centers established by Guru Nanak Dev and preached Sikhism.
• He strengthened the base of Sikhism by establishing many new centers. Since it was the beginning of Sikhism, thus Sikhism had to face many difficulties. But after, due to efforts of Guru Angad, Sikhism established its own religious identity.

Successor of Guru Angad

Following the footsteps of Guru Nanak Dev, Guru Angad nominated Guru Amar Das Sahib as his successor of Sikhism. He died on 29 March, 1552 at a minor age of just 48 and work period of 13 years (from 1539 to 1552).

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