Biography of Guru Har Krishan Ji Eighth Guru of Sikhism

Guru Har Krishan was the eighth guru of Sikhism. This article is all about the Biography of the child Guru Har Krishan Ji who demonstrated his wisdom in a number of ways and his selfless service to mankind. Also here you can come to know about who was the successor of this eighth Sikh Guru.

Biography of Sikh Guru Har Kishan Ji

Here is the important short biography of Har Krishan Ji and important days of events according to Nanakshahi Calendar.

Father of Guru Har Krishnan Ji: Guru Har Rai Ji
Mother of Guru Har Krishan: Mata Krishan Kaur Ji
Brother of Guru Har Krishan: Sri Ram Rai
Birth Date of Har Krishan Ji: July 1st 1656
Birth Place of Har Krishan Ji: Kiratpur Sahib, Rupnagar, Punjab
Jyoti Jot Day of Har Krishan Ji: 30th March 1664
Jyoti Jot Place of Har Krishan Ji: Bangla Sahib, Delhi

Life History of Eighth Sikh Guru Har Krishan Ji

Guru Har Krishan Sahib Ji the eighth Guru of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism was born on 7th of July, 1656 at Kiratpur in Punjab. Birth name of Har Guru Har Krishnan Sahib was Bhai Har Krishan. Guru Har Krishan was the younges of all gurus. Guru Har Krishan Ji BiographyHe was the second and youngest son of Seventh Guru Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji and Mata Krishan Kaur. Guru Har Rai before his death in October 1661 appointed his younger son HarKrishan as the next Guru as sri Ram Rai fell out of his father's favor when he made a serious mistake by changing the line of Gurbani. Guru Harkrishan was just five years old when he received the guruship.

As Ram Rai Ji was not happy about his father's decision he complained to emperor Aurengazeb in Delhi against his father. As a result, Aurangazeb summoned Guru Har Krishanji to court. But Guruji refused to meet the king Aurangazeb. But after repeated requests from his followers and Raja Jai Singh he agreed to the trip. While on his journey he was met by large devotees. At that time during his journey at Panjokhra, a Pandit named Lal Chand a proud learned scholar of Hindu literature met Guruji. To shed his pride Guru Ji with his divine power made a dumb illiterate man Chhajju Ram to translate a verse from Gita. The Brahmin Pundit was astonished by the divine knowledge and spiritual powers of Guru Har Krishan Ji fell on the feets of Guru ji and apologized for his behaviour.

Upon reaching Delhi, Guru Ji was received by Raja Jai Singh who requested the Guru to stay at his palace what is now known as Gurdwara Bangla Sahib in New Delhi. Everyday thousands of people came to have his darshan and those in distress were healed on the mere darshan of the Guru Ji. At that time small-pox were ravaging fiercely in Delhi. Guru Ji served the suffering people day and night irrespective of cast and creed. Guru ji offered supreme sacrifice of his body to relieve everyone from distress by taking over the disease upon his own body and went to his heavenly abode in 1664 at the age of eight. It is believed with great conviction by people that their sorrows and illness get dispels by invoking the blessings of Guru Har Krishan Ji.

Successor of Guru Har Krishan Ji

Before that his death he indicated everyone that his successor was in 'Bakala' referring to Guru Tegh Bahadur and breathed his last on 30th March 1664 in Bangla Sahib the place where he helped the sick and it is the place where he died of smallpox.

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