Biography, life history and teachings of Guru Har Krishan, eighth Guru of Sikhism.

Guru Har Krishan was the eighth Guru among ten Gurus of Sikhism. He was the successor of Guru Har Rai, seventh Guru of Sikhism and predecessor of Guru Tegh Bahadur, ninth Guru of Sikhism. In this article, you can read about the biography, teachings and life history of Guru Har Krishan.

Guru Har Krishan: Eighth Guru of Sikhism

Guru Har Krishan, eighth Guru of Sikhism, was born on 23 July, 1656 in Kiratpur Sahib, Rupnagar (Punjab). Father of Guru Har Krishan was Guru Har Rai , seventh Guru of Sikhism. Before his death, Guru Har Rai had appointed Guru Har Krishan as eighth guru of Sikhism. Thus, Guru Har Krishan became Guru on 20 October, 1661 as the successor of his father. Mata Krishen Kaur (Sulakhni Ji) was the mother of Guru Har Krishan.

Highlights of Guru Har Krishan's life

Sikh Guru Har Krishan photo wallpaper • When Guru Har Krishan had sat on the gaddi of Guru, he was just 5 years old. All other successors and predecessors of Guru Har Krishan had sat on gaddi at a minimum age of 12 years.

• During the period of Guru Har Krishan's stay in Delhi, once there was epidemic of chickenpox in the town. He constructed Gurdwara Bangla Sahib. The water of the pond of Gurdwara Bangla Sahib cured the disease of many people. Guru Har Krishan was used to stay there during his visits to Delhi.

• Many people suffering from chickenpox were used to visit Guru Har Krishan for his blessing. It is believed that Guru Har Krishan cured all of them. But, due to such exposure, he also got suffered from chickenpox. Guru Har Krishan always served the people without having any fear of his own life. He was the true sewadhaari of humanity.

• During his illness due to chickenpox, his mother asked him that he cured so many people. Then why had he fallen ill. At this, Guru Har Krishan replied to his mother that joys and sorrows will continue to come and go in lives. What is in our destiny must happen. Thus we, human beings, should also move in HIS consent.

Teachings of Guru Har Krishan

Guru Har Krishan had preached some preaching for humanity. Here they are:
• Believe in Guru's Granth. Throne of Guru Nanak Dev is eternal.

• The people who want to see his Lord (Guru) must faith and love the Granth and see it. Granth is the Lord of all.

• Granth has the power to destroy the sins and sorrows of every human being who faith and love Granth.

• The person who wants a communication to Lord must read the Granth with great love and devotion in his heart.

• People who follow the practices mentioned in Granth can achieve all padaarth (cherished things) in his life.

• People who have deep faith in Granth achieve every happiness of his life.

• People who have less faith in Granth achieve few happiness.

• Nothing in this world is forever. One who has taken birth on this earth will must go away.

• Do prayers daily and bow your head in front of that supreme power.

Death and successor ship of Guru Har Krishan

Suffering from chickenpox, Guru Har Krishan lived a very short life span of 8 years and died on 16 April, 1664 in Gurdwara Bangla Sahib, Delhi. Before his death, he appointed Guru Teg Bahadur as his successor and ninth Guru of Sikhism.

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Biography of Guru Har Krishan Ji Eighth Guru of Sikhism

Guru Har Krishan was the eighth guru of Sikhism. This article is all about the Biography of the child Guru Har Krishan Ji who demonstrated his wisdom in a number of ways and his selfless service to mankind. Also here you can come to know about who was the successor of this eighth Sikh Guru.

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