Ram Tirath temple and fair in Amritsar, Punjab

Ram Tirath is an old pilgrim place close to the Amritsar city. Learn more about the festivals and fairs in Ram Tirath near Amritsar and how to reach Ram Tirtha in Punjab.

Ram Tirath temple in Amritsar is situated in the Amritsar district of Punjab on the Amritsar Lopoke road, around 11 km from the city. The Ram Tirath fair Punjab is one of the most famous fairs and festivals of Punjab and Ram Tirath has a very old religious connotation as well to the Ramayana and has been a well known place of pilgrimage since ancient days. It has been mythically believed that this was the place where there was the cottage of the Rishi Valmiki where Sita had spent her sad years of exile. This was the place where she had given birth to the twin sons Lav and Kush. Moreover, the composition of the epic, the Ramayana, had also been done here by Maharshi Balmiki, which the two juvenile minstrels Lav and Kush sung in the court of their father Ram Chandra. The twin boys also displayed their excellence of marital skills at this place by defeating the troops of Sri Ram at this very place, in the Ram Tirath, Amritsar, Punjab.

Ram Tirath temple in Amritsar, Punjab

Ram Tirath temple and fair in Amritsar, Punjab This place is specially known nowadays for the local Ram Tirath Mandir Amritsar about fifteen days after the Diwali. This Ram Tirath Mela in Amritsar is continued over a duration of five days. Here is an ancient tank which is mythically believed to be dug by Shri Hanuman Ji. This particular water body is given a great deal of mythical and religious importance. A wide number of temples have been set up around the three kilometer circumference of this pond and there is also a paved path for parikrama or circumambulation around the tank because circumambulation is seen as a sacred ritual to show honour by the Hindus. The pilgrims also fervently believe that it is quite good and auspicious for them to take a dip into the sacred waters of the tank in the early hours of the full moon night, which is called Puranmashi in the local language (Sanskrit Pournamashi, known as Purnima in the eastern India and Pournami in the south). During or after the bath, the devotees chant different mantras and hail the glory of Sri Ram by repeatedly taking his name.

Ram Tirath Fair in the temple complex

Ram Tirath fair in the Ram Tirath temple complex in Amritsar is the most important schedule of the year in this place. As far as records indicate, more or less one million pilgrims visit the Ram Tirath fair every year. In this place you will also find a large congregation of jatadhari hermits in their meditations. Even the Sikh people also come in numbers from different corners of Punjab and even from outside the state to pay their homage to Sri Ram Chandra in this fair. A myth goes about this fair that taking a dip in the water body known as Mata Sita di Baoli will enable them to give birth to children if they haven't have any.

The most interesting and gorgeous aspect of this fair is the floating of tullas or lamps. These lamps are made of flour and the fuel used is mustard oil or ghee. Usually these lights are made to float on leaf plates or vessels made of reeds. On the night of the full moon, women light these lamps, and while chanting and reciting sacred hymns, gently leave them on the water of the tank to float. Traditionally believed to have the power of washing off one’s sins, this rite of floating lamps in Ram Tirath tank is locally known as tulla toarna. This Tulla Toarna in Ram Tirath Amritsar is said to please Lord Ram Chandra and to make his boons and blessings shower on the devotee.

In the Ram Tirath fair the common arrangements for entertainments are also there that include merry go rounds, acrobatics, magic shows and so on. Wandering minstrels are also there to sing and please the people. In a temporarily built pavilion in the fair ground, various religious and social organizations also arrange for various conferences and seminars to throw lights on the manifold aspects of the socio-religious life of Punjab. The fair also makes a prominent social contribution due to the rule universally observed by the devotees here, that the pilgrimage to Ram Tirath will remain incomplete and will not yield the satisfactory result until and unless alms are given to the beggar, the leper and the crippled.

How to reach Ram Tirath fair in Amritsar, Punjab

Reaching the Ram Tirath fair is not a big issue. Special buses are regularly plied by the Punjab Roadways between Amritsar and Ram Tirath during the festival. Also, Ram Tirath is only 11 kilometres from the city of Amritsar and you can just rent a taxi from Amritsar. Reaching Amritsar is no problem from any part of India since it is one of the major cities in Punjab and has excellent rail and road transport connections with almost all parts of the country. The Raja Sansi International Airport in Amritsar which is nowadays called Sri Guru Ram Das Ji Airport also has excellent flight connections to major cities of India like Mumbai and Chennai.

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